Direct Bank Transfer

Because credit cards charge their users when they go into an overdraft, some players prefer to use their own direct bank cards to complete deposits to their bank account. These aren’t actually that different in principle to using credit cards to make a deposit into your online casino account.

Admittedly, there is generally a bit more security with this option, as the transaction is not only encrypted, but it often has to be approved by the bank who issued the card, via electronic signature, a manually entered key code, or the actual approval of the bank itself.

Typically, players will go about debit direct bank transfers the same as they would with credit card transfers. The player deposits money and enters their card details.

paypal direct bank transfer

direct bank transfer

The deposit will generally be instant, and it normally won’t cost to complete a deposit. If you authorize a direct bank transfer, there may be a delay on occasion though.

Withdrawing funds to debit cards is not always a sure thing, and sometimes it is simply not possible. When it is, you are almost certainly going to have to wait between 2 and 5 days for the transfer to clear, and you may even be charged a small fee for issuing the withdrawal via this payment method.