Evolution of Online Gambling

Like all things, gambling has evolved. From the early days of betting on knights at tiltyards, to Victorian era card games, gambling is always changing. Even online gambling has endured several changes in its evolution. Let’s chart just a few of the most important steps in the evolution of online gambling.

The early years

Online gambling didn’t really begin until the early to mid-90s. Back then, only a handful of games could be played at online casinos, and there were no such things as bonuses, let alone all the other perks that modern casino sites have to offer. Graphics were also incredibly plain, and loading times took an age.

Slot Machine

Slot Machine

The millennium

By the millennium, things had changed for the better. More and more casinos were beginning to come online, and many of these had started to tie themselves in with sports betting and poker websites, too. Online casino games became more complex and as well as graphical improvements, the choice of games at casinos greatly increased. Bonuses and promotions also began to appear on a wide scale, at all major casinos. Now users had choices of downloadable or instant play casino gaming. Many new casino game software developers began to appear during this time as well, creating competition for Microgaming, Playtech and IGT, who had by and large up until then, run the show.

Law reforms and licensing crackdowns

Just as online gambling was growing at a rapid rate, something occurred which decreased its growth, if only momentarily. Many countries (such as the United States) enforced strict bans on overseas casinos offering their services to US players. In Europe, similar movements took place which greatly affected who could offer games to a country’s players, based on the license they had. This era is still going on, although some laws have been relaxed in various parts of the world. Fortunately, a bigger change was on the horizon for online gambling.

Mobile betting

Today, we live in an age where we are dominated by our obsessive use for mobile and tablet technology. It was only natural that the online gambling world jumped ship, too. Online casinos started offering mobile casinos, and some sites run mobile-only casinos. Mobile casino games started out small, but in the last few years the number of available games has skyrocketed. Many are now predicting that mobile betting and mobile games will eventually replace the online casino gambling world which has dominated since the early 90s.

Live dealer games

Mobile gambling isn’t the only new evolutionary leap that online gambling has made. In more recent years, casino software developers have been trying to figure out a way to bring some of the atmosphere of land based casino gaming, to the online casino world. That has happened due to technology and software advancements. Now we can play live dealer games. These are games which are played via a video stream, fed from a live studio. True, it is isn’t perfect, and the process is still not quite as realistic as a real brick and mortar casino experience; but, as technology continues to evolve, in mobile and live dealer games, we’re looking at the future of online gambling in action.

Live dealer games

Live dealer games